Wang Jie, Composer | From New York, With Love

From New York, With Love

From New York, With Love

Posted by wangjie in All Works, Smaller Ensemble

Instrumentation: Flute and Percussion

Duration: 8 min


Program notes for “From New York, with Love”

It’s been tickling my ears that countless New Yorkers are greeted every day by a musical motif as the new subway trains on the green and yellow lines pull out of their stations: c2 – f2 – e3. The exact mechanism that produces these unchanging tones is a mystery to me (another way of saying that having perfect pitch may be convenient but doesn’t guarantee a mechanical engineering degree).

I’ve hijacked that three-note-motif tonight, relocating it from the raucous underworld to the clean acoustic canvas of this concert hall and transforming into a musical composition for Flute, Viola and Harp. Eager to dance in its new disguise, the motif is having a field day out here. Please dance with it for the next few moments because it’s sure to escape back to the subway stations before the MTA notices and causes delays.

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21 Jun 2014