Wang Jie, Composer | Five Faces of Joy

Five Faces of Joy

Five Faces of Joy

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For String Orchestra and Celesta Solo

Duration: 7 min

Program Note

The most recent member of the “Joy” series, FIVE FACES OF JOY offers five comic ways of smiling: a playful one, a jolly one, smile from a lover, smile from a dancing Godzilla, and a sweet smile before visions of Ondine swims away.

This one-movement piece calls for a string orchestra and a very handsome Celesta player. Although it can be performed with or without a conductor, in this premiere recording, Kouk-man Lio was the Maestro-in-command as well as (trust me) a very handsome Celesta player.

Several compositions during this creative period ended up with five movements, five elements, five variations, or five instruments. Friends nagged me to reveal my secret fascination of “five”. I really didn’t want to disappoint my friends. So I made this one up: “Euhh, according to Chinese ancient thoughts, there are five elements in the making of the world. They are metal, wood, water, fire and earth. I was very synchronized with my culture heritage…”

Wait, but I began this piece thinking about smiles, and it still puts a big smile on my face every time hear it. The truth is, five faces just slipped out, putting themselves in this order. Not one more, not one less. All I did was being a good secretary: I listened and I wrote them down.

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23 Jun 2014